Early experiences: Recycling Programs


Early Experiences



Fast forward to my college years, when I moved to New York City to study fashion design.    Early on, the “criticalness” with which such a policy was carried out depended on where you lived: some apartments required you to separate your trash and recycling materials (for example: waste vs. glass vs. newspapers, all in separate bags)  or face a fine, others allowed mixed material recycling (glass, plastic, cans, papers), while other places had not policy at all- it was up to the tenant to haul off their recyclables to a recycling station if that was what they wanted to pursue. One might gauge from this varied behavior it was a “testing” of recycling policies to see which version would be most effective. Sad to say, but as a college student in the dorms, it was the incentive of possibly receiving a fine which motivated me to “get with the program.”


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