Becoming a “Loca-vore”

Becoming a “Loca-vore”


With much romanticism in my heart, I then moved to France to continue my studies.  Paris is a very historic city with tradition engrained into the heart of its culture.  Every weekend, Parisians would flock to the farmers markets surrounding the city, where local farmers, butchers, bakers, and just about every other type of food related vendor set up shop for the morning.  You could pick out your own chicken from a coop, or a bushel of fresh eggs that had just been laid that morning, fresh milk and local honey, the list goes on and on.  In Paris, apartments are small, so people don’t “stock up” as they do here in the US, the concept was more along the lines of what you could consume within a week’s time, the fresher the better. The philosophy has stuck with me ever since- piggy backing on my early childhood memories of eating beans, peas, and tomatoes right off the vine.

“Loca-vore” speaks to the grassroots local food initiative taking place in your own community.  Here in Richardson, there is a small farmer’s market just down the street  on Campbell from the hospital held every Saturday morning, called the Four Seasons Farmers Market, where you can buy grass fed beef, locally harvested honey (great for helping build up resistance to local allergies), and a variety of Texan farmers selling fresh fruits and vegetables.



  1. This is something that I definitely want to ingrain in my son and I want this to be something he can remember doing for as long as he can remember. We’ve been to a couple farmer’s markets and the food is not only fresh and supports your local farmer’s (i.e. your own community), but it actually tastes better too. I wish I could be a better planner, because I find myself in need of vegetables sometimes an hour before dinner, or I need fruit for the next day, but have to go to the store late at night. Buying all produce at your local farmer’s market to set you for the week it definitely the way to go.

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