Wouldn’t it be great if retailers offerred opportunties to reuse the package at the point of purchase? Kinda like take the “good green” shopping bags on step futher- I have seen already that people take their large water jugs (the big ones, like in offices) back to the point of purchase (Walmart, Kroger, etc) for refills- what if we could do that with other products as well?

Imagine- a milk dispenser? Or dish soap? Soda bottle refills? Wine?

I wonder how this concept be able to be disseminated through other product categories (or who I’d talk to to try it out)?


Starbucks has launched an ambitious in store recycling plan in 2007. It met some challeges, but currently, they do offer recycling bins in some cities like Seattle, L.A., Chicago, and Boston. Then why not one city in Texas? Which is the biggest state after Alaska?

 [ This is a picture I took in Seattle Starbucks this April]

This is what Starbuck says (Recycling & Reducing Waste, n.d.).

“Recycling success depends on the availability of commercial recycling services where our stores are located. While our policy is that stores recycle where space and services are available, execution often presents challenges, both with customer perception of the services being provided and the actual service itself. While many local communities offer comprehensive residential recycling and mandate what materials recyclers must collect, commercial recycling services are often less robust or unavailable entirely, so the items our customers are used to recycling at home may not…

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