Benefits of Yoga, and What to Eat Before a Session

Watch what you put into your body

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So you’re practicing your yoga poses each day. You’re feeling great. Calm and peaceful during and after your session.

But did you also know that your body – your actual insides – is improving as you’re doing yoga? In other words, yoga provides real, immediate physical health benefits!

Here are just some of the physical benefits:

  • Yoga can make your bones stronger.
  • Bikram yoga can increase back, shoulder and hamstring flexibility.
  • Hatha yoga has been found to improve focus, memory and cognition.
  • Some forms of yoga can help alleviate depression, improve your overall mood and provide back and neck pain relief.
  • Yoga may help women increase sexual desire, arousal and improve orgasm.
  • Yoga can improve lung capacity.
  • Diabetics may want to start practicing yoga because it can lower blood sugar levels.
  • Yoga can reduce blood pressure.
  • And so much more!

While you’re actually performing your yoga moves, your internal…

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