Why Sustainability? What does Sustainability mean to me?

For my family and I, sustainability is a lifestyle decision, a filter which we use to evaluate all of our purchase patterns and choices, whether they about our environmental, consumption, or transportation decisions.  As a parent, I am very conscious regarding the fact of how my example of stewardship will impact my children’s future and the generations which follow.


My “earth” connection probably began in my childhood- where we had a small single acre garden in our backyard where we grew a variety of vegetables for our personal use and consumption.  Often times, whether due to rabbits, birds, dear, or just us overly eager children, the fruits of our harvest never made it to the dinner table.

Both my grandparents had large gardens of their own, and we would often hear about life during the war, when they as “baby boomers” were very involved in canning and rationing. Those stories of self sacrifice for the greater good, how to make do with less, had a profound impact on my psyche, and began to surface once I started my own family years later.


We’ve come a long way, but we have a long way to go.  There are so many opportunities for me to improve- such as really analyzing my families’ water consumption or reviewing our energy outputs due to potentially outmoded appliances.

But one has to crawl before they can walk- my first task will be to finally haul off all those light bulbs and batteries that no longer work to the designated hazardous waste disposal facility, as detailed by the city in which I live.

I recommend we all take a look at what our own cities offer as aids to help “raise the bar” when it comes to applying sustainability into our daily lives.

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  1. I totally agree with your baby steps thoughts. I am doing the same thing with just trying to start recycling. And I agree that we need to look at what’s available in our own cities. For years I wished that I lived somewhere cool where they had farmer’s markets. Turns out, we have one downtown every third Saturday and there’s one in Belton every 1st Saturday. They’re right under my nose and I didn’t even know. Temple is starting a recycling pilot program so there are about four neighborhoods in town where they actually pick up the recycling from your house. We are not in one of those neighborhoods, but it’s progress. But when I started looking up places I could take my recycling, there are ample locations. How did I never know that?

  2. Hi Erin
    re: local farmers markets- found out a further extension of sustainabiliy as an offshoot of using vendors at farmer’s markets- often times, the vendor (such as local honey rep, or homemade salsa sales stand) will offer discounts if you return the packaging to the point of purchse- i.e they re-use their own honey jars, or salsa jars- check it out next time you shop the market!

  3. I definitely agree with you on the fact that we have made improvements towards being a sustainable earth but we still have a long ways to go. I think that most people can really that it to the next level and look into ways of furthering their path of sustainability.

  4. Erin, small steps make a difference! That is the same approach that I am taking with Sustainable ME project. I believe that when you make small steps within your comfort zone, those are the ones that will become habitual!

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